updated: 8/8/18

  • Extra O-ring for underwater case for #mc-dg400 Minolta X50 subminiature digital camera, new $25
  • Olympus Camedia digital camera 4.0 MP. Comes with case, batteries, cards. Good for a spare camera for the car or wherever. $28 another view
  • Manyof customers have asked our opinion of what kind of digital camera we recommend. Here is our answer:

    Re: digital SLR's, we do not recommend them except in a few cases where a user can utilize his existing stash of film camera lenses and a few specialized ones seem important, such as extreme fisheyes or very long teles. Note that most of us seldom use these types. We think a new type of camera is a far better user, namely the EV [electronic viewfinder]. Digital SLR's still have some of the same issues as their film counterparts including blank out at actual image capture [unless you watch the back monitor, and then why get an SLR?], and not seeing exactly what you get. Moreoever, they have new problems such as dust-on-sensor.

    We first wanted to call them SLAR's [single-lens-almost-a-reflex], but EV won out: here is a small, lightweight camera without needing lens change. Not only to you see the exact image on the viewer inside the eyepiece, but the exact exposure! Many times we have noticed poor shadow detail and moved the lens to lock in a better exposure, then moved it back to desired composition. Optical quality is top-notch, and resolution as high or higher.  They have all the nice features such as loooong exposures [correctly exposed night images!], anti-shake, and manual mode. They also as a rule do video. Did we mention they're half to one-third the cost? It's no contest.

    If you want to use different lenses, we also recommend any of the nice mirrorless cameras.

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