updated: 3/18/21

  • Extra O-ring for underwater case for #mc-dg400 Minolta X50 subminiature digital camera, new $25

  • Many of customers have asked our opinion of what kind of digital camera we recommend. Here is our answer:

    Re: digital SLR's, we do not recommend them except in a few cases where a user can utilize his existing stash of film camera lenses and a few specialized ones seem important, such as extreme fisheyes or very long teles. Note that most of us seldom use these types. We think a new type of camera is a far better user, namely the mirrorless.

    Digital SLR's still have some of the same issues as their film counterparts including blank out at actual image capture [unless you watch the back monitor, and then why get an SLR?], and not seeing exactly what you get. Moreoever, they have new problems such as dust-on-sensor.

    If you want to use different lenses, we also recommend any of the nice mirrorless cameras.

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